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. southern and Western views. 

2600 sq feet. ground level garage and rooftop patio. 

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**update** My boss and I are getting along better and I'm not actively looking.  However, since I spammed this like lots of places I'll leave it up for posterity. 

Are you looking for someone different? 

Hi. I'm Bryon and I'm looking for something else too. Nice to meet you. 

about me: 

25 years (1995- ) working for Centura Health. It started out as a college job while I completed my BS in Computer Science at Metro State. Eventually I found my way into IT where I'm currently building and maintaining interfaces between legacy systems. I'm currently neck deep ancient protocols like EDI, HL7, X12, XML, SOAP and sFTP using a combination of technologies like MUMPS, javascript, and some bastardized crippled subset of Java.  I want to cry sometimes. 

I'm smart, talented, creative, and curious. Bonus Points: I also come with lots of the check box things employers are looking for as well. 

[ ] - Education (BS in Computer Science/Math)

[ ] - Communicates effectively with others

[ ] - Personable

[ ] - Works Independently

[ ] - Works in Groups

[ ] - Healthcare (clinical + IT) knowledge/experience

[ ] - and more... 

Most importantly, I don't just think outside the box. I've literally built my own world outside of the box and live there. I've been blessed with BOTH fantastic ideas AND the ability to execute/build them too. If you can appreciate my take on simple things like a swing-set, door handles, gate, fence, shed, or monkey bars, imagine what I could come up with for your complicated problems.** 

**note I can code too, but pictures of code aren't very interesting :-(

Anyways, I die a little bit inside every day working on maintaining the status-quo for a company that claims to be innovative and forward thinking. Once upon a time, I believed I was at the intersection of a perfect place (large healthcare organization) at the perfect time (blockchains) and could change the world by building a better health data infrastructure. Nope. At least not at my current job. 

Interested? b@33ren.com

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